About InAlto

The contemporary Australian kitchen has changed vastly in the past decade but generosity and hospitality have remained a constant. We understand the demands of modern living and with this, functionality in the kitchen has become evermore important to our daily lives.

Our story began when a team of industry specialists and appliance experts came together in identifying a space of notable weakness in the modern Australian
kitchen appliance market. With the guidance of a leading European design house and renowned Melbourne-based chef, Andreas Papadakis, our design team has shaped a range of products that centre on functionality with polished European aesthetics and affordability kept firmly in mind.

Propelled by expert craftsmanship, premium materials and meticulous research, our development process has culminated in a versatile and dynamic collection of ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwashers. Our passion is not only for our products to adapt to modern living, but also to embrace and encourage the generosity and hospitality that has driven the Australian household.